Normally I don’t go to parties. The music is often too loud, I don’t dance anyways and I’m not into small talk. And I’m not referring to the programming language here. Because of this it was more like a coincidence that I ended up on the genderterror, the queer party of the AZ Mülheim. Keywan explained to me that “queer party” in this context means that queer folks are invited explicitly while other parties are often implicitly considered straight. On the one hand this had the effect that one has a higher probability of being rejected because additionally to the “You’re not my type of guy” reason there is the “I’m not into guys” reason. On the other hand it was quite funny that, based on the observation of myself and other people, there was a general trend to suppose that all other people are queer unless there is a reason to believe the opposite. Because of this, the above probability of being rejected is only a “perceived probability”. So in this respect it was quite interesting. But still only a party.

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