Ubuntu and me

Since I’ve been using my first PC I’ve been using Microsoft operating systems for my daily work. In 1997 we moved our BBS over to Linux (I guess it was like 30 floppies or so) and since then I’ve been using Linux for networking. A couple of years ago I made my first experiences with Linux on the desktop when I had to use KDE during my project group at the university. KDE was quite OK but not exactly ‘the bomb’. While I was working on my diploma thesis the best advisor of all introduced me to GNOME that I then chose to use during my work on the thesis. At home I was still using Windows because the Adobe Publishing Collection, that I shelled out real money for, was written for Windows. A couple of days ago I began moving my home computer over to Linux (Ubuntu with GNOME), too.

In the beginning I had two huge problems. One was playing movies, that skipped pretty hard. André, now my ex-advisor, walked me through the installation of the nVidia drivers. The other problem was a real showstopper: my Palm didn’t synchronize with Evolution. gpilotd crashed frequently during my tries or got into a dead lock (with a memory leak – yeeha!). I probably don’t have the most complicated life but without my Tungsten E I’m toast. In the beginning I tried to debug the sync with a surplus Palm but it turned out not to be too easy. Before I was able to find the record that caused the error, Keywan suggested to use jpilot (or kpilot but – honestly – which GNOME addict would want to use a KDE app if there is a GTK alternative?). Jpilot works great. Unfortunately there are still some functions missing like ToDo items with alarm but all in all it’s a really good approximation to the PalmDesktop that I loved so much under Windows.

The end of the story is: A few days before I configured grub to use Ubuntu as my default operating system and I haven’t felt that comfortable at my computer for a long time.

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