OpenCms, Tomcat and what could have been a nice weekend afternoon

Recently I tried to install OpenCms in Tomcat. I followed the install walkthrough, but happened to get this error in the log file at startup: access denied ( opencms_init.log write). Turned out that neither the mount options of the drives involved nor the file permissions of the directories used were the culprits but the fact that tomcat didn’t assign write permissions to OpenCms. In Debian and Ubuntu /etc/tomcat/policy.d is your friend.

The following snippet is not exactly a best practice but will probably help you get your app up and running. It assigns all permissions to any piece of code in the directory tree of your web app. Just paste it into some file in your new friend.

grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/yourwebappsdirectory/-" {

3 Responses to “OpenCms, Tomcat and what could have been a nice weekend afternoon”

  1. Holger Says:


    könntest du vielleicht dein Lösung zu dem Problem noch posten, resp. den Eintrag in die webapps.policy Datei.

    Danke Holger.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Habsch gemacht. Hoffe, es hilft. Andernfalls meld Dich noch mal.

  3. Marcus K. Says:

    Boah, besten Dank für den Tipp! Google hat mich nach Stunden vergeblicher Installationsversuche zu dir geführt. Daumen rauf :)