Ubuntu 6.10

YES! It’s finally there. Ubuntu 6.10. And the long wait was totally worth it. Firefox 2.0 with the real shiny Firefox logo (not the strange blue one without the actual Firefox in it anymore). GNUCash 2.0 with UTF-8 support and without all the quirks I somehow got used to in 1.8. JPilot could synchronize my Palm at the first try for a change, thanks to the now fixed kernel module in the new 2.6.17 kernel. Gaim 2.0 (what’s with all the 2.0 releases currently, anymway?) can at last set a volume for the “bing” sounds when a new message comes in. Planner has even managed to synchronize the task list line height and the line height in the Gantt chart and has now a usable view plus a Marcus Bains line. How much have I missed that in the past? This is one sexy release.

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